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Tensile test films and laminates (temperature range - 40 up to + 120 °C)

Determination of: secant modulus, tensile strength, elongation at break (accredited test method)

test method:Mechanical/ technological properties
Norms: ASTM D 882 (2018-08)
DIN EN ISO 527-1 (2019-12)
DIN EN ISO 527-3 (2019-02)
Needed sample size:approx. 0,1- 0,2 m² or 2 DIN A 4 sheets, minimum sample width resp. width 150 mm, optimum: film samples over total material width, e. g. approx. 2 linear meters for a film width of 0.5 m


tensile test polyolefin films
Recommended test parameters for soft stretchable plastic films (e.g. PE) with an expected elongation of >100%.

tesile test laminated films/ orientated films
Recommended test parameters for plastic films/ laminates with an expected elongation at break of < 100 %.

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