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Our Services regarding "Expert opinions and assessments (e.g. damage analyses), custom tests"

Requests for investigations and expert opinions, e.g. in respect of damage analyses or custom test methods

Here you can enter samples for inspection for the purpose of further clarification, consultation, etc. Please briefly describe the question or the reason and purpose of the examination or the characteristic values or property features you are looking for.

Tests on "damage or complaint analyses/special test methods"

If you work with food packaging, cases of damage are always an unwelcome occurrence. In order to avoid these in the future, to eliminate problem areas and to obtain a claim for existing cases of damage, you can fall back on our claim analysis and damage analysis for food packaging. With our professional plastic testing procedures of the Innoform test service, you can identify various problem foci in the course of a complaint analysis. These include, among others:

  • UV testing
  • Adhesive strength testing
  • Optical test methods
  • Special testing
  • Film testing[Packaging test
  • Bond adhesion test
  • Composite adhesion
  • Weathering test

Here you can enter samples for viewing and consultation for the purpose of test clarification. Please briefly describe the question or the purpose of the test or the characteristic values or property features you are looking for so that we can carry out your complaint analysis or damage analysis for food packaging as quickly as possible. We will contact you immediately.

Complaint analysis - How damage analysis for food packaging works

It is often not readily apparent which investigations are necessary and useful for clarification. Moreover, as a rule, quickly available initial investigation results are helpful for further decisions. Our "diagnostic concept" provides for the agreement of a limited budget for the review and evaluation of information already available as well as the performance and evaluation of initial examinations according to an agreed schedule. The result is a more precise picture of the damage, possible solutions and, if applicable, concrete indications for supplementary, useful investigations and research. If you wish, you can even receive the first reliable results of the investigation and professional documentation of the state of affairs extra quickly with our express service and at a fixed price. Experience has shown that information on the frequency of damage, the time of detection, technical information such as material structure, and the results of examinations available to date are helpful for successful processing. If available, please send us reference samples, data sheets, specifications.

Special tests - specific request for complaint analysis

If you need a special test with regard to certain properties of your food packaging, we can also realise this in the course of a material or complaint analysis. You can make enquiries here about special tests that you have not found in our list of services. We will be happy to research whether we can support you with regard to the requested test and contact you regarding the feasibility of your damage analysis for food packaging.

Any questions about complaint analysis?

The field of complaint analysis covers a wide variety of activities and damage areas. If you are not sure in which direction a damage analysis for plastic films or food packaging should take place, or if you have a question about our test procedures for complaint analysis, we will be happy to answer it - contact us! Our friendly and competent team is at your disposal and looks forward to your enquiry.

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