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Puncture resistance, quasi-statical (temperature range - 40 up to + 120 °C)

Test performed with Zwick, tensile, compression tester, testing speed 25 resp. 100 mm/min. Tests carried out at room temperature for the standard price. For tests in the thermal chamber additional charge. The minimum and maximum technically feasible temperature ranges are dependent on the material. We will gladly advise you.

test method:Mechanical/ technological properties
Norms: DIN EN 14477 (2004-06)
ASTM F 1306 (2021)
Needed sample size:Minimum width 50 mm (ASTM F 1307) resp. 30 mm (DIN EN 14477), approx. 0,75 linear meters or 2 DIN A 4 sheets


penetration Test ASTM F 1306
Test probe spherical, radius = 1,6 mm, vtest=25 mm/min. This test is particularly suitable for simulating the influences of coarse grain filling goods such as pasta, rice, granules.
Norm: ASTM F 1306

penetration Test DIN EN 14477
stylus: Diameter = 0,8 mm, spherical radius = 0,4 mm, vtest= 100 mm/min. This test is often used to simulate damages caused by sharp or pointed filling goods, such as ground coffee, nails or damages made by birds and rodents.
Norm: DIN EN 14477

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