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Anti-dew (anti-fog) test Examinations in the field Mechanical/ technological properties of Innoform Testservice
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Anti-dew (anti-fog) test

Examination of transparent films or packages for anti-dew properties, as cold fog (storage in refrigerator T = 6° C) and/or hot fog (filling with hot tap water T = 60° C and storage at T = 23° C). The bedewing of the sample is forced by falling below the dew point, visually assessed and photographically documented.

test method:Mechanical/ technological properties
Norms: -
Needed sample size:Sample over total width of material, unprinted area if possible, minimum length: 3 m


antifogtest/ coldfog
The common test for anti-fog properties of films for use in the cold chain for products which are not filled hot or heat treated in the package (e.g., fresh cut lettuce, meat, cheese, ...).

antifogtest/ Hotfog
The common test of the anti-fog properties of films for use for products which are hot filled or heat treated in the packaging (e.g., fruit preparations, fruit juices, chilled food ...) and stored after chilling.

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