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Fat permeability/fat density

Testing of paper, coated paper or plastic films with dyed palm kernel fat. The sample is coated with the test fat on the test side, then the glass plate and, if necessary, additional weights are placed on top. After the exposure time has elapsed, the fat passages with a size of up to 1 mm visible to the naked eye on the display paper within the defined test area are evaluated. If only fat penetrations up to 1.0 mm are observed, the test is considered to have been passed; in the case of fat penetrations with a size above 1 mm, the test is to be carried out under a more moderate test condition (a "worse" fat permeability group).

test method:Mechanical/ technological properties
Norms: DIN 53116 (2003-02)
Needed sample size:Minimum sample size: 3 x DIN A 4 per fat permeability group (n = 10 samples à 100 * 100 mm), optimum: take 1 m² sample over the complete width of the material

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