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Impact resistance by free-falling dart method (Dart Drop), staircase method

This is a widely used and significant test for assessing the impact strength of films. The test is used, for example, for quality monitoring and comparison of films. The Dart Drop impact strength reacts sensitively to quality imperfections on recycled compound blending, formulation inconsistencies, oxidative degradation and strain e.g. from folding, embossing, laser treatment etc..

test method:Mechanical/ technological properties
Norms: DIN EN ISO 7765-1 (2004-02)
ASTM D 1709 (2022)
Needed sample size:approx. 2 m² or 30 DIN A 4 sheets, min. sample width 200 mm; preferably film samples over the complete material width, e. g. approx. 2 linear metres for a film of 1 m width


dart drop method A mf = 0.03 - 2 kg
Especially for thinner films with lower Dart Drop impact resistance (e.g. PE-films with a thickness < 100 microns)

dart drop method B mf = 0.3 - 2.8 kg
Especially for thicker films with higher Dart Drop impact resistance (e.g. PE-films with a thickness >100 microns)

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