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FINAT peel adhesion

Testing the adhesive strength of adhesive labels, self-adhesive labels, adhesive tapes, silicone coatings against standard glass plate or original surfaces/adhesives

test method:Mechanical/ technological properties
Norms: FINAT FTM 3 (2001-05)
FINAT FTM 1 (2014-02)
FINAT FTM 10 (2009-02)
FINAT FTM 2 (2014-02)
FINAT FTM 9 (2001-05)
FINAT FTM 11 (2001-05)
Needed sample size:at least 20 labels and possibly a linear meter of the original substrate


Finat FTM 01: Peel adhesion (180°)
Peel adhesion (180°) at 300mm per minute
Norm: 180

Finat FTM 02: Peel adhesion (90°)
FTM 2 Peel adhesion (90°) at 300mm per minute
Norm: 90

Finat FTM 09: loop- tack
Testing of loop- tack properties
Norm: loop

Finat FTM 10: quality of silicone coatings
Peel adhesion test for evaluation of the quality of silicone coatings for adhesive laminatese by determination of peel adhesion of a self- adhesive tape
Norm: Silikonbeschichtung

Finat FTM 11: silicone coatings- subsequent adhesion
Test to evaluate the influence of a release surface on the adhesive properties. The adhesive strength of a standard adhesive tape against float glass without and after contact with the release surface is compared.
Norm: 180

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