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Characterisation of stretch hood and stretch wrapping films by hysteresis tensile test (only in stretching direction, e. g. generally in TD)

During processing, stretch hood tubular film is cut to length, sealed and stretched in the transverse direction of the film to such an extent that it can be slipped over a pre-packed pallet without contact. The film is then relieved of pressure and, due to the viscoelastic restoring forces of the materials used, clings tightly to the packed goods, building up a slight tension. Since the standard tensile test is not suitable for determining the properties of these special products, we have developed this laboratory test that maps the most important key points of the stretch hood process under reproducible conditions. This hysteresis tensile test may be used for material comparisons and for specifying suitable film types. It is also suitable for stretch wrapping films, but these are usually tested in the longitudinal direction.

test method:Mechanical/ technological properties
Norms: Hausverfahren PV040 (09-2019)
Needed sample size:One complete stretch hood or one linear metre stretch hood tubular film resp. 5 linear metres of unstretched wrapping stretch film

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