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Weathering test - wet smear resistance of printed peat culture, substrate and humus packaging

Testing the resistance of printing inks to environmental influences such as moisture, sunlight (UV radiation) and to substances eluted from the filling materials (e.g. humic acids, agricultural chemicals) during outdoor weathering. For the practical assessment of the wet smear resistance of the printing and the weather resistance of the film materials in the time-lapse test, including the pallet securing film, by means of artificial weathering with xenon arc light in accordance with DIN EN ISO 4892-2.

test method:Mechanical/ technological properties
Norms: DIN EN ISO 4892-2 (in Anlehnung) (2013-06)
Needed sample size:2 linear metres of unused packaging film + approx. 2 linear metres of unused pallet-securing film (stretch hood, stretch film, shrink film), approx. 5 litres of fresh original filling good

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