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tensile- impact strength

The impact tensile strength is a tensile test with a relatively high deformation rate. As is well known, materials sometimes behave brittle under dynamic loads, whereas in the quasi-static, classical tensile test they can appear ductile and deformable. This can lead to breakage damage in packaging materials and technical products, e.g. under impact and drop stress, which is not easily foreseeable.

test method:Mechanical/ technological properties
Norms: DIN EN ISO 8256 (Anhang A) (2005-05)
Needed sample size:testung of plane film material: sample over total width of material, min length: 0,5 m; testing of welded seams: min 30 cm of the sealed material


tensile-impact strength- testing of films and sheets
E.g. suitable for testing and comparing thermoforming films and sheets such as PVC, PET and PS- materials for the performance of impact resistant compounds.

tensile-impact strength- testing of welded seams/ sealings
Testing of sealed seams on pouches, bags and sacks that are dynamically stressed during use, e.g. when handled in packaging lines by robots, during transport and use by the end customer. Especially suitable for comparative testing of materials for benchmarking and failure analysis. Not suitable for rigid films.

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