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Wetting tension (e. g. for determination of Corona treatment intensity)

Suitable for plastic films and sheets (Union Carbide test) as well as for plastic coatings on paper and other substrates. The test is carried out by wetting the material surface by coloured inks with specified wetting tension for determination of the critical surface tension. Standard parameter for the assessment of surface tension after corona treatment (also called "dyn-number"). Also suitable for troubleshooting e.g. anti-sealing effect, reverse side treatment, blocking or corona perforation.

test method:Mechanical/ technological properties
Norms: DIN ISO 8296 (2008-03)
Needed sample size:Sample over total width of material, minimum length: 0,5 m (for test of pre-treatment failures at least 3 linear meters)


wetting tension, standard test (pretreatment intensity)
Test to determine the surface tension of surfaces with the squeegee method. By wetting the surfaces with test inks of defined surface tension, the surface tension of the surface is determined accurately to ± 2 mN/m (dyn/cm).

testing for pre-treatment failures (full surface, max 2 m² filmsurface, fotografic documentation incl.)
When pretreating plastic film surfaces with corona discharge, under some conditions backside treatment, corona discharges and other errors can occur. The consequences are undesirable and occasionally locally variable surface tension deviations, e.g. punctual increases in surface tension on the normally untreated reverse side of the film. These effects caused by short circuits can lead to local blocking, sealing problems (anti-sealing effect) and even holes in the film. With this method we visualise and localise defects of the surface tension/wettability by wetting the surface with test inks of different sensitivities. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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