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coefficient of friction COF

Determination of the static (static friction) µs and kinetic coefficient of friction (sliding friction) µD

test method:Mechanical/ technological properties
Norms: ASTM D 1894 (2014)
DIN EN ISO 8295 (2004-10)
Needed sample size:Small reel (if not available: film stack or hand roll WITHOUT folds, kinks and contaminations etc.), at least an area of approx. 3 x DIN A 4 per surface to be tested.


Coefficient of friction acc. ASTM D 1894
Determination of coefficient of friction (COF) according ASTM D 1894.
Norm: ASTM D 1894

Coeffient of friction acc. DIN EN ISO 8295
Determination of coefficient of friction (COF)
Norm: DIN EN ISO 8295

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