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Our Services regarding "Compliance work"

Evaluation of food contact materials on plastic basis, e.g. packaging materials

Compilation of test plans for legally relevant investigations such as migration analyses (global and specific) and sensory tests/organoleptic, recipe verification and research, evaluation of unlisted recipe components, preparation and assessment of conformity assessments (perfect documentation of conformity).

Food law conformity - Conformity assessment for packaging


Food - as the name already suggests - is essential for our survival as human beings. Only those who have a diet free of harmful substances can live healthily and always give one hundred percent in everyday life. For this reason, food in particular and the handling of it are regulated by law. This also applies to food packaging, which must also meet high legal standards. So if you want to trade in food, process it or distribute it, you must by law pay attention to a flawless conformity inspection, so that on the one hand you can guarantee clean and safe packaging for food, but on the other hand you can also avoid any possible sanctions. If you are looking for a partner in the field of conformity work and document testing, Innoform is the right address for you. Find out more about our work in the field of conformity testing and what measures we can take for you in the field of packaging law below.

Tests for "conformity work" - legally compliant packaging for foodstuffs

Basically, compliance work describes the assessment of plastic-based food contact materials, e.g. packaging. The verification of legal conformity is carried out in the form of document checks according to current law for completeness, correctness and plausibility, that in the event of a dispute these must be meaningful with regard to the condition of the packaging. An example of such a situation is the supplier or manufacturer enquiry. Conformity work can be done in various ways. These include, for example, worst-case calculations or conformity testing using complex analytics. Furthermore, we support you in the preparation of a test plan, if required the preparation of a conformity expert opinion or a template for your declaration of conformity on the basis of a complete conformity documentation in order to make well-founded statements about the conformity status. The conformity status represents a summarised evaluation of the available information for the food law assessment of the named consumer goods and shows any open points of the conformity work. We agree on confidentiality agreements with your suppliers and are thus data trustees.

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If you work with food or produce packaging for it, you most likely know about the importance of compliance work and that it can sometimes involve a lot of work. If you are looking for support in the field of conformity work or conformity testing, Innoform is the right partner at your side. Benefit from our many years of experience and expertise in the field of conformity testing of food packaging or one of our other areas of activity, such as:

  • Specific migration (SML)/ NIAS screening/ single substance analysis
  • Total migration (OML), sensory analysis, colourlessness, microbiology
  • Damage or complaint analyses/special test methods
  • Mechanical/technological properties[Material characterisation[Optical properties
  • Permeation

Contact Innoform now and receive comprehensive and personal advice from us today. The friendly and competent team at Innoform looks forward to your enquiry and to being able to support you soon in matters of conformity testing and the like.

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