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optical properties

Measurement of optical properties of packaging materials, technical and agriculture films by standardized tests and other suitable physical measuring methods. Applications were in the last years e.g. the quantitative evaluation of the transparency of lidding films for foodstuffs containers, the view thru protective effect of hazy films for window coatings, the light protection characteristics of coloured films or such with transparent UV- blocking additives as well as the infrared- light transmission of greenhouse films.

h1]Food packaging - Checking optical properties[/h1]

Optical properties do not only fulfil an aesthetic function for food packaging. Optical properties are also important for the performance of food packaging. If you want to subject the optical properties of your films to a precise test, we are the right partner for you. Find out below which optical properties we can subject to testing, which test methods are available for this purpose and much more at innoform-testservice.de.

Optical properties - testing by different measuring techniques

In the field of optical properties, various tests can be used to determine the optical properties of your material. Tests from the field of optical properties include, for example:

  • Optical density test
  • Measurement of light density on foils
  • Gloss measurement
  • Opacity measurement
  • Determination of turbidity

Thus, our test service offers you test procedures for measuring the optical properties of packaging materials, technical films and agricultural films by standardised and accredited methods and other suitable physical measurement procedures. In recent years, they have been used, for example, for the quantitative evaluation of the transparency of lidding films for trays in the food sector, the visual protection effect of opaque films for window coatings, the light protection properties of coloured films or those with transparent UV blockers as well as the infrared permeability of greenhouse films.

Accredited quality also in testing optical properties

As a renowned partner for the testing of optical properties, Innoform Testservice has all the necessary test procedures at its disposal for standardised and accredited testing. A list of the standards on which our optical tests are based and many other test standards can be found on our website. This way, you can always be sure that your films or other test objects always meet all legal requirements.At the same time, we continue to develop with regard to test standards and implementation parameters for the testing of optical properties and can adapt these to customer requirements so that we can always put your products under the microscope using the current test standards and practical parameters.

Still questions about optical properties testing? Request information now!

The testing of optical properties of food packaging holds a lot of information that may be of interest to you as a manufacturer. Whether you want to test an optical density or need support with gloss measurement - if you need an expert in the field of testing optical properties, you can rely on the accredited Innoform Testservice as a competent partner. We are at your side with our know-how from years of experience and provide you with targeted support in the analysis of optical properties. If you do not know which area of testing of optical properties comes into question, which standard is current or which test conditions should be adhered to, we will be happy to answer your questions - contact us. Our friendly and competent team will be happy to answer your questions.