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gravimetric determination of grammage of plastic films, paper, fabrics, nonwovens etc., calculation of yield in the dimension [m²/ kg material]

test method:Mechanical/ technological properties
Norms: DIN 55543-6 (2019-04)
DIN EN ISO 536 (2020-05)
FhG Merkblatt 6 Teil 6 (1987)
DIN EN 546-3 (2007-03)
Needed sample size:sample over total width of material, min length: 0,5 m


grammage of aluminum foil ( reference- method for thickness measurement)
Norm: DIN EN 546-3

grammage of plastic films, coated fabric
Norm: DIN 55543-6

grammage paper, board, uncoated fabric
Norm: DIN EN ISO 536

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