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Sealing/welding properties of films/hot-tack test of films

Only suitable for flexible films. Production and testing of sealed or welded seams with our hot-tack tester (KOPP device) in accordance with ASTM F 1921. The tests are carried out using previously agreed parameters. To create sealing curves individual parameters are varied, e.g. for determining the dependence of the sealing properties on the sealing temperature Ts [° C]. Of course, sealing curves can also be determined depending on cooling time [ms], sealing pressure ps [N / cm], sealing time ts [s] or testing speed [m/s]. Usually a parameter is varied over 5 equal steps and the results are plotted graphically as a function of the variables (accredited test).

test method:Mechanical/ technological properties
Norms: DIN 55571-2 (2021-07)
Needed sample size:approx. 1 m² or 15 DIN A 4 sheets, minimum sample width 100 mm, optimum: film samples over total material width, e. g. approx. 2 linear meters for a film width of 0.5 m


hot- tack (single point test)
Select this item when you, for example, want to compare the hot-tack properties of two materials under specified sealing conditions. We then determine the hot tack seal strength based on n = 5 individual measurements under this parameter setting. If you are interested in the hot-tack properties e.g. as a function of the by the sealing temperature, please select "hot tack curve".

hot- tack- graph (as a function of sealing temperature)
The sealing tests were performed by varying of the sealing temperature. The parameters sealing pressure, sealing time, cooling time and testing speed are kept constant. The results are plotted as a function of the varied parameter. In general a hot- tack- graph can be prepared by varying other parameters too. Please feel free to contact us concerning this matter.

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