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Linear dimensional changes/dimensional stability/temperature stability of films and sheets

Determination of linear dimensional changes after exposure to temperature (till ca. 175°C, depending on material) of plastic films and sheets. Please select test temperature. We recommend the examination of shrinkage or shrinking stress for shrink films.

test method:Mechanical/ technological properties
Norms: DIN EN ISO 11501 (2004-10)
DIN 53377 (2015-04)
ASTM D 1204 (2014)
Needed sample size:Approx. 1 m² or 15 DIN A 4 sheets, minimum sample width 250 mm; preferably samples over the complete material width, e. g. approx. 1 linear metre of 1 m width


dimensional stability, measurement on a tempered kaolin bed (our standard method, according DIN EN ISO standard)

dimensional stability, measurement on a polyester nonwoven (according DIN standard)

dimensional stability measured on paper ligthly dusted with talc (according ASTM standard)

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