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Our Services regarding "Material analysis"

Material identification of film substances, plastic packaging materials and multi-layer film or other plastic samples

Here you will find individual methods or wise combinations of methods for identification of materials and structure of plastic packaging materials, films in general, multi-layer films, defects (e. g. gels, fisheyes etc), contaminations, etc. For example, the number of the layers and the layer thickness distributions of multi-layer structures as well as the kind of materials and if required fillers, additives can be determined by additional anlysis. The investigation depth (1st stage e. g. PE, 2nd stage PE- LLD type Buten) and consequently the resulting costs can be adapted corresponding to the requirements.

Material testing for film and food packaging

The material properties of plastic films, such as food packaging, determine to a large extent the performance of the respective packaging. In order to optimise these, to check compliance with specification values or even to be able to assess damage, it may be necessary to take a closer look at these in the course of a material test or materials test. If you are interested in a material analysis, we at Innoform-Testservice are the right partner at your side. Find out more about our services in the field of material testing below.

Tests for "material characterisation"

Here you will find useful methods and combinations of methods for identifying the materials and structure of plastic packaging materials, films, composite materials, defects, impurities (e.g. foreign bodies, specks, fisheyes) etc. The number of layers and layer thickness distributions of multi-layer films, the type of material and, if necessary, fillers or additives can be determined through supplementary analyses. The depth of analysis (1st stage e.g. material, 2nd stage material type and, if necessary, compound) and thus the cost expenditure can be adapted according to the requirements. All in all, we offer the following services as your partner for material testing:

  • FTIR spectroscopy
  • Determination of glass transition temperature/glass transition temperature test
  • DSC analysis/DSC plastics testing
  • Determination of the density of plastics
  • Digital film microscopy (thermomicroscopy, microtome section)
  • Softening temperature test
  • Beilstein sample for chlorine detection

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The field of materials testing encompasses many different tests and verifications that offer a wealth of potential information for improving food packaging. If you are looking for a competent partner for material testing, Innoform's Testservice is the right address for you. Benefit from our know-how and years of experience in the field of material testing and let us support you professionally and methodically. If you have any questions about materials testing or any of our other services, we will be happy to help and advise you - contact us.