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Innoform overrun calculator/permeation calculator

The Innoform online flashover calculator gives you rough guide values for water vapour and oxygen permeation rates based on empirical values. Check your packaging films or calculate a rough guide value for a new material combination.


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Why you should check the permeability of your materials with the permeation rollover calculator


Permeability, or permeation rate, describes the ability of a certain substance to permeate through a material. Particularly in the packaging industry, a rough estimate calculator for permeation can be advantageous - you do not need to carry out any elaborate tests, but can simply simulate and calculate first. Fresh products in particular, such as meat, fruit and vegetables or products from the dairy sector, need tight packaging. But how tight is tight? How much oxygen or water vapour is allowed to penetrate a package in order not to spoil the quality? A targeted regulation of the gas atmosphere can therefore help to improve the quality of the food and extend the shelf life. In the following, you will find out how the estimate calculator for permeation can be useful for you and what you should bear in mind:

Get a first overview with the permeation estimate calculator


With the help of the estimate calculator for permeation, you can adjust your packaging materials accordingly on the basis of an estimate calculation. There is the possibility to calculate the permeation for materials consisting of different substances. Our calculation for permeation can give you information about the oxygen and water vapour permeability of various thermoplastic, polyamide, copolymer, polyester and polyethylene molecules. It doesn't matter how often you want to use the permeation calculator from Innoform - this service is and remains free of charge for you. Please keep in mind that the results of the permeation calculator provide a first orientation based on the previous measurement and literature values regarding the different permeation rates.

Calculate permeation: Innoform's various test methods


For more precise and explicit data, it is necessary to refer to our various test methods. Our test methods cover a wide range of areas that are relevant in practice. At your request, we can test the oxygen permeation of films, laminates, coated papers, aluminium foils, packaging, bags, moulded parts or bottles under a wide range of conditions. On the other hand, we carry out similarly comprehensive test procedures with regard to carbon dioxide permeation and water vapour permeability. Of course, we also pay attention to the different test conditions, be it standard conditions, refrigerator conditions or tropical climate conditions. In this way, we can guarantee our customers comprehensive and detailed results.

The Permeation Calculator is therefore intended to be a helpful tool for you if you need initial, qualified reference values. If you have any further questions, be it about the permeation calculator or our various test methods, please do not hesitate to contact us /url]. Our specialised team is looking forward to your enquiry and will advise you comprehensively.

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