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We help you - with packagingtests - to securely pack food.

Innoform Testservice ist ein anerkannter Prüfdienstleister für Folienverpackungen mit Schwerpunkt auf die Lebensmittelindustrie, die Verpackungshersteller und ihre Lieferanten sowie den Handel.

Folienwissen, eine moderne Geräteausstattung und Kenntnisse über lebensmittelrechtliche Vorgaben liefern Antworten auf Fragestellungen wie

  • Ist ein Material hinsichtlich der geltenden gesetzlichen Regelungen für das Verpacken von Lebensmitteln geeignet?
  • Über welche Barriere und oder Dichtigkeit gegenüber Gasen und Wasserdampf verfügt das Material oder die Verpackung?
  • Entspricht die Material-Festigkeit der Spezifikation und den Praxisanforderungen?
  • Wie ist die exakte Struktur der Folie?
  • Welche Ursachen gibt es für ein Versagen einer Folie in der Praxis?

Unsere Prüfberichte werden von Herstellern und Verwendern von Folien-/Kunststoffverpackungen gleichermaßen anerkannt. So helfen wir bei der Bewertung und Vermeidung von Risiken.

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Trust is good, control is better - The Innoform test service for food packaging tests

We encounter food in many places in our everyday lives: Whether we buy it ourselves in the supermarket to prepare delicious meals with it or whether it is served to us already cooked in a restaurant - food always has one thing in common: it should be fresh and rich in nutrients! In order to achieve this, professional packaging that does not show any defects is indispensable. If you have a need to inspect your packaging or if you want to ensure the quality of your suppliers' packaging, Innoform is the right address for you. Innoform is your specialist for packaging testing. We help to package food safely. Find out more about Innoform's activities and our services below.

Testing food contact materials - what testing can do

Innoform Testservice is a recognised testing service provider for film packaging with a focus on the food industry, packaging manufacturers and their suppliers as well as the trade. Film knowledge, modern equipment and knowledge of food regulations provide answers to questions such as

  • Is a material suitable for packaging food?
  • Which guidelines must be observed?
  • What is the sensory (odour and taste) suitability of the packaging material?
  • Are all limits such as SML (Specific Migration Limits) complied with?
  • What are the causes of possible complaints in practice?

Our recognised and accredited test reports reduce the risks of producers and buyers of packaging alike.

The advantages of the Innoform Testservice for you and your company

Packaging testing can fulfil several functions: On the one hand, packaging testing is used in-house to detect problems in the packaging of food. The freshness and shelf life of food can also be significantly improved through know-how and targeted testing. On the other hand, packaging testing can also be relevant outside the company, for example if there is a dispute with a supplier. In this case, you can use our film testing service to conduct a damage or complaint analysis. In addition, we can determine mechanical and technological properties of your film material for your company in the course of a specification check, so that you can optimise your packaging film on the basis of this. Last but not least, Innoform's packaging testing also includes material characterisation as well as the analysis and justification of optical-properties of the packaging material.

Environmentally friendly packaging for food - for economic and ecological reasons

By using Innoform's test service, you can optimise your film packaging and thus save financial, but also ecologically important resources. Avoid spoilage through optimised packaging materials. Benefit from our many years of experience in film testing and our expertise in packaging optimisation. Contact us today and let us advise you extensively and personally. The friendly and competent Innoform team looks forward to your enquiry.