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SML (specific migration limit) analysis of individual substances for compliance assessment

Quantitative analysis of substances with limits (SML, SML(T), QM, QMA etc.) or non-evaluated substances by gas chromatography (e. g. HS-GC, GC/MS), liquid chromatography (e. g. HPLC/MS), mass spectrometry with inductively coupled plasma (ICP-MS) in food simulants or foodstuffs after migration or (residual) content determination in the material or article.

test method:specific migration (SML)/ NIAS- Screening/ Single substance analyses/ GC- MS- analysis
Norms: DIN 32645 (2008-11)
DIN EN 13130-1 (Migration) (2004-08)
Hausverfahren (externer Anbieter)
Hausverfahren PV056 (Anhang A) (2021-10)
Hausverfahren PV055 (2021-11)
Hausverfahren PV056 (2021-10)
Hausverfahren PV056 (Anhang B) (2021-10)
Needed sample size:5 x DIN A4 per substance and simulant (please label the food-contact side) or 5 articles, packed in aluminium foil


SML/ (Rest-) Gehaltsbestimmung von Einzelsubstanzen im Bedarfsgegenstand
Depending on the raw material of the sample and the substance, the analysis is a content determination after dissolution of the polymer and precipitation or a worst-case extraction. For the extractions, a solvent is selected which will extract the substances best in the most common materials according to the state of the art. Minor results cannot be completely excluded. This method is suitable as a screening procedure according to section 2.2 of Annex V of Regulation (EU) 10/2011 for the verification of conformity.

SML/ Migration of individual substances into food simulants
Select this parameter if you require standard migration tests with food simulants. Please adjust the required simulant and test conditions!

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