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Analysis of particles (microplastic, metal particles, minerally particles, glass, etc.)

Analysis package for determining the material characteristics of particles, contaminations, deposits, abrasion of any type and origin, e.g. from filling goods such as foodstuffs, beverages, drinking water, cosmetics as well as from processing and packaging materials. Methods depending on the task and type of particles, e.g. light microscopy, infrared spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy (SEM-EDX), mass spectroscopy (GC-MS,TOF- SIMS).

test method:Material analysis
Norms: DIN EN 546-3 (2007-03)
DIN ISO 4593 (2019-06)
DIN EN ISO 11357-3 (2018-07)
Hausverfahren PV049 (2023-05)
DIN EN ISO 536 (2020-05)
DIN 55543-6 (2019-04)
DIN EN ISO 3146 (2022-06)
DIN 51451 (2020-02)
Needed sample size:Depending on the task, in principle one particle, smear of the contamination etc. is sufficient

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