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Verification of a given material specification

Verification of typical material specifications. To check the material structure, a microtome cross-section is made and the thickness of any individual layers present is measured microscopically. The identity of the specified materials is verified by IR screening. Cleaning of filled samples will be charged additionally.

test method:Material analysis
Norms: Hausverfahren PV061 (2019-09)

DIN 51451 (2020-02)
Needed sample size:Depending on task, e. g. at least approx. 50 x 50 mm film


IR-spectroscopy (transmitted light)
A given material specification is verified with regard to material usage and individual layer thicknesses of the specified layers, with the exception of metals and CVD/ PVD- coatings as well as lacquers, adhesives and printing inks, if not applied on the material surface.
Norm: Hausverfahren PV061

Examination of paper or board materials for plastic components
The material is examined for the presence of plastic layers with a thickness of >1 µm and particles with > 10 µm diameter. Partially applied layers, especially those with a thickness of <1 µm , incorporated plastics (e.g. impregnations of the pulp fibers), contained particles with a diameter <10 µm as well as the binders of applied coatings cannot always be reliably detected with this analysis package.
Norm: Hausverfahren PV061

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