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Standard type:DIN EN ISO
Name:DIN EN ISO 3146
Designation:Bestimmung des Schmelzverhaltens (Schmelztemperatur oder Schmelzbereich) von teilkristallinen Polymeren im Kapillarrohr- und Polarisationsmikroskop-Verfahren

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Tests of this standard

Microtome section/ cross-sectional image
Cross section of films, moulded forms, sealed seams etc., thickness determination of visible layers included,with reflected or transmitted light microscope (accredited test method).

Film construction/material characterisation - Analysis package at a fixed price
Qualitative characterisation of plastic films, laminates and plastic products concerning layer construction and basic materials, excepting adhesives, tie layers, inorganic coatings, e.g. metallisations. Methods: DSC screening (- 20 up to 300 °C/2 heating runs) of the material as received, microtome cut to determine and display visible layers and layer thicknesses, determination of the material class of the individual layers with FTIR spectroscopy; Beilstein test for presence of chlorine. Additional tests available by arrangement.

Analysis of particles (microplastic, metal particles, minerally particles, glass, etc.)
Analysis package for determining the material characteristics of particles, contaminations, deposits, abrasion of any type and origin, e.g. from filling goods such as foodstuffs, beverages, drinking water, cosmetics as well as from processing and packaging materials. Methods depending on the task and type of particles, e.g. light microscopy, infrared spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy (SEM-EDX), mass spectroscopy (GC-MS,TOF- SIMS).

Analysis of gels/ inclusions
Analysis package for determining the position, size and the character of material of gels and inclusions in films and other products made of plastics including photo documentation. Methods depending on the task, e. g. infrared microspectroscopy, microscopy, hot stage microscopy, microtome cross-section, thermal analysis DSC

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