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Compliance status
The compliance status is a summary evaluation of the available information for food law assessment of the specified article and points out any open issues of compliance work.

SML (specific migration limit) analysis of individual substances for compliance assessment
Quantitative analysis of substances with limits (SML, SML(T), QM, QMA etc.) or non-evaluated substances by gas chromatography (e. g. HS-GC, GC/MS), liquid chromatography (e. g. HPLC/MS), mass spectrometry with inductively coupled plasma (ICP-MS) in food simulants or foodstuffs after migration or (residual) content determination in the material or article.

Overall migration acc. Reg. (EU) No 10/2011 standard test conditions (OM 0 - OM 7)
Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011 (PIM)/DIN EN 1186 classical food simulants for all filling goods (no alternative tests like Isooctane testing): A = Ethanol 10 % (v/v), B = Acetic acid 3 % (w/v), C= Ethanol 20 % (v/v), D1 = Ethanol 50 % (v/v), D2 = Vegetable oil, E = poly(2,6-diphenyl-p-phenylene oxide) (Tenax ®)

Damage analysis/examination of complaints
In many cases, it is not immediately obvious which kind of tests are necessary and reasonable for clarification. Furthermore, test results which are available in short time are often helpful for further decisions. Our “diagnostic concept” provides the agreement of a limited budget (normally 700,- up to 1.000,- Euro) for the screening and evaluation of information already available as well as the realisation and assessment of first tests according to an agreed schedule. The result is a more detailed view of the damage, possible solutions and indications for additional and reasonable investigations and researches are given. You will receive first reliable test results and an appropriate documentation of the current situation at short notice and at a fixed price. Information on the frequency of damage, time of detection, technical information such as material structure or test results already known are helpful for a successful processing as experience has shown. If available, please send us reference samples, data sheets, specifications.

Determination of thickness of plastic films, aluminium foils, plane multilayer-materials and sheets
Determination by mechanical scanning (accredited test method)

Microtome section/ cross-sectional image
Cross section of films, moulded forms, sealed seams etc., thickness determination of visible layers included,with reflected or transmitted light microscope (accredited test method).

Gloss measurement
Reflectometer measurement to determine the degree of gloss. The measuring angle depends on the surface of the sample (measuring angle: high glossy: 20°, medium glossy: 60°, matt glossy: 85°).

Oxygen transmission rate (OTR) of plastic films, laminates, coated papers, Alufoils, etc.
Coulombmetric (oxygen specific) carrier gas method Method (Ametek/ Mocon). Usually deviating from the standard as a double determination

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