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Oxygen transmission rate (OTR) of plastic films, laminates, coated papers, Alufoils, etc.

Coulombmetric (oxygen specific) carrier gas method Method (Ametek/ Mocon). Usually deviating from the standard as a double determination

test method:permeation
Norms: ASTM F 1927 (2014)
ASTM D 3985 (2017)
DIN 53380-3 (1998-07)
ISO 15105-2 (Anhang A) (2003-02)
Needed sample size:optimum: 2 DIN A 4 sheets without folds, creases or other damages


OTR film standard 23°C/ 50 % rel. humidity
Most common test program for all applications at "normal" indoor climate. Basis of most literature and data sheet values​​.
Norm: ISO 15105-2 (Anhang A)

OTR film , wet test 23°C/ 75 % rel. humidity
Testing program for packaging materials used for packing products that neither contain much humidity like e.g. cheese and meat products. To simulate the wet conditions, the measurement with an increased relative humidity of 75%, which in certain barrier materials (for example, EVOH and PA) leads to higher values compared to measurements under standard climate.
Norm: ISO 15105-2 (Anhang A)

OTR film , dry conditions 23°C/ 0 % rel. humidity
Testing program for applications in dry environments and dry filling goods, so rarely relevant in practice. Found now and then in product data sheets for raw materials and EVOH films.
Norm: ASTM D 3985

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