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Standard type:DIN
Name:DIN 53380-3
Designation:Prüfung von Kunststoffen - Bestimmung der Gasdurchlässigkeit - Teil 3: Sauerstoffspezifisches Trägergas-Verfahren zur Messung an Kunststoff-Folien und Kunststoff-Formteilen

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Tests of this standard

Oxygen transmission rate (OTR) of plastic films, laminates, coated papers, Alufoils, etc.
Coulombmetric (oxygen specific) carrier gas method Method (Ametek/ Mocon). Usually deviating from the standard as a double determination

Oxygen transmission rate (OTR) of packages, pouches, moulded parts, bottles, etc. (only suitable for barrier materials, see also "i")
The measurement is carried out using the coulommetric, oxygen-specific carrier gas method. Attention: This is only suitable for packages with a good oxygen barrier. Materials with high permeation coefficients, such as PP, PE or PS cups cannot be measured because the permeation is too high.

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