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Normentyp:ASTM F
Name:ASTM F 1929
Bezeichnung:Erkennung von Dichtungslecks in porösen medizinischen Verpackungen durch Farbstoffpenetration

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Leak tightness/leakage test/pores
These tests are used to locate defects, leaks, micro-holes (pinholes), leakages and so forth in packagings, pouches, sacks and films. Depending on the problem and material, various methods are used, e.g. gas detection, dye penetration, chemical copper deposition, resistance against water or visual inspection on standardized light box. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be pleased to assist you in selecting a suitable method for your questions. To prepare an offer we need the following information: What type of packaging should be tested (size, filling volume)? How many packages should be stored? Are the packages empty or do they have to be emptied before testing? Which contents are involved (CAS no./ safety data sheet)?

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