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We help you - with packagingtests - to securely pack food.

Innoform Testservice is a well known laboratory for testing film packagings. Their focus is set on the food industry, on food manufacturers and their suppliers as well as on the trade.

Film knowledge, a modern equipment and knowledge about food regulatory directions give answers to questions like:

  • Is this material suitable for packing food?
  • What is the impermeability to gas of a material, a film or of any other component like?
  • Does the stiffness of the film/packaging meet the requirements of the directions or specification?
  • What is the detailed structure of the film like?
  • Which are the reasons if a film does not work in practise?

Our recognised certificates reduce the risks of manufacturers as well as consumers of film products.


8Oct2019 Dr. Wolfgang Jeschke zu aktuellen Trends und Kundenwünschen

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4Oct2019 Ariane Kis über nachhaltiges Druckdesign

Ihr Thema gehört zu einer Reihe verschiedener Blickwinkel auf den Fokus beständig und recycelfähig. Was ist Ihre Kernaussage bezogen hierzu? Auf das Gestalten bezogen: Weniger ist mehr. Sie referieren über Nachhaltiges Druckdesign - was ist das denn? Was bewegt Sie besonders in diesem...

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