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Standard type:DIN
Name:DIN 55409-1
Designation:Verpackung – Prüfverfahren zur Bestimmung von Öffnungskräften an peelbaren Verpackungen – Teil 1: Flexible Packmittel

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Tests of this standard

Sealing and welding properties of films, verification and comparison by laboratory sealing press
Production of sealing or welding seams on our laboratory sealing press (Kopp) and testing of the sealing seams with the Zwick tensile testing machine. The seals are made using previously agreed parameters. To create sealing curves individual parameters are varied, e.g. for determining the dependence of the sealing properties on the sealing temperature Ts [° C]. Of course, sealing curves can also determined depending on sealing pressure ps [N/cm] or sealing time ts [s]. Typically, a parameter is varied over 5 equal levels and the results are plotted graphically as a function of the variables (accredited test).

Sealing seam strength of peelable bags, sacks, sealed packages with package testing device for determining the opening forces
Testing is performed as a technological practical test with a defined pull-off angle and specified test speed on sealed trays, cups, pouches, etc. with a standard-compliant package testing device

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