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Standard type:DIN EN
Name:DIN EN 1186-1
Designation:Werkstoffe und Gegenstände in Kontakt mit Lebensmitteln - Kunststoffe - Teil 1: Leitfaden für die Auswahl der Prüfbedingungen und Prüfverfahren für die Gesamtmigration

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Tests of this standard

Overall migration acc. Reg. (EU) No 10/2011 standard test conditions (OM 0 - OM 7)
Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011 (PIM)/DIN EN 1186 classical food simulants for all filling goods (no alternative tests like Isooctane testing): A = Ethanol 10 % (v/v), B = Acetic acid 3 % (w/v), C= Ethanol 20 % (v/v), D1 = Ethanol 50 % (v/v), D2 = Vegetable oil, E = poly(2,6-diphenyl-p-phenylene oxide) (Tenax ®)

Total migration rapid tests, alternative simulants or substitute tests
Substitution for food simulants according to Regulation EU 10/2011: In screening for total migration, food simulants may be substituted if, based on scientific evidence, the substitute food simulants overestimate migration compared to the regulated food simulants. Rapid tests are carried out, for example, with the solvents isooctane (for testing non-polar materials such as polyolefins) or 95 % ethanol (for testing polar materials such as PET). Test conditions freely configurable according to DIN EN 1186/Directive 97/48/EC alternative simulants and rapid tests with e.g. isooctane, 95 % ethanol.

Total migration special tests / Substitute test OM8 und OM9
Test conditions free configurable according to DIN EN 1186, classical food simulants (exceptionally alternative tests like Isooctane or 95 Vol.-% Ethanol testing): Simulants: water, A = Ethanol 10 % (v/v), B = Acetic acid 3 % (w/v), C = Ethanol 20 % (v/v), D1= Ethanol 50 % (v/v), D 2= Vegetable oil, E= poly (2,6-diphenyl-p-phenylene oxide) (Tenax ®) Substitute test for OM7 with food simulant D2: OM8 und OM9 according to Resolution (EC) 10/2011

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