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Standard type:ASTM F
Name:ASTM F 392/ F 392M
Designation:Standardpraxis für die Konditionierung flexibler Barrierematerialien für die Biegefestigkeit

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Tests of this standard

Gelboflextest/Brugger KFT
Wrinkle test in which a piece of film of approx. DIN A 4 size is cylindrically wrung up at an angle of max. 440 ° in the Brugger KFT tester. Usually 100 cycles are performed, afterwards the sample is tested e. g. on hole formation, delamination, oxygen or water vapour transmission rate, optical density or the like. The base price includes the examination of max. 4 sheets over 100 cycles at an angle of max. 440 °. Other test conditions are available upon request, calculation according to time spent. Minimum sample size 280 mm x 200 mm.

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