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Normentyp:DIN EN ISO
Name:DIN EN ISO 5495
Bezeichnung:Sensorische Analyse – Prüfverfahren – Paarweise Vergleichsprüfung

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sensory analysis of packaging materials/transition of sensory perceptible substances to (test) foodstuffs
Organoleptic determination of the flavour transition (gustatory, olfactory and trigeminal sensations may be influenced by tactile, thermal, painful and/or kinaestesic effects) from packaging materials to standard test foodstuffs, commonly known as the "Robinson test", as well as change in appearance and odour of the (test) foodstuff.

Organoleptic analysis of packaging materials/sensory analysis - Odour
Organoleptic determination of the odour or odour transfer from packaging materials to standardised test foodstuffs.

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