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Standard type:DIN EN ISO
Name:DIN EN ISO 11339
Designation:Klebstoffe – T-Schälprüfung für geklebte Verbindungen aus flexiblen Fügeteilen

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Tests of this standard

Bond strength/peel force of laminates/multi-layer films/bondings (temperature range - 40 up to + 120 °C)
DIN 53357 A (historical)/ASTM F 904/DIN EN ISO 11339 peel test after separation of the laminated layers (accredited test method). In addition to determining the peel force to delaminate the laminate, we also evaluate and document the delamination characteristics resp. the delamination mechanism (peeling off of the printing ink?Remaining of the adhesive layer? Tearing of the film ? Transfer of ink to the opposite side of the material ? ...)

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