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Standard type:FhG Merkblatt
Name:FhG Merkblatt 11 Teil 1
Designation:Prüfverfahren für Konservendosen - Teil 1 - Bestimmung der Lackauflage (Lackauftragsgewicht)

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Tests of this standard

Coating quantity/weight of adhesives, lacquers, coatings, hotmelts, cold sealants
Gravimetric determination according FhG information sheet 11 part 1, results in [g/m²] Note: The application weight of the cured reactive adhesives or laquer systems (e. g. polyurethane laminating adhesive in composite films or epoxy laqueres) mostly can not be determined, because the method works only by removability of the layer to be tested, e.g. by dissolving under usage of solvents. We recommend in such cases an orienting light microscopic measurement of the adhesive or lacquer layer thickness by means of a microtome cross section.

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