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Standard type:§64 LFGB Methode L
Name:§64 LFGB Methode L 00.00 6
Designation:Bestimmung von primären aromatischen Aminen in wässrigen Prüflebensmitteln

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Tests of this standard

Primary aromatic amines photometric sum method
Photometric sum method according to § 64 LFGB method L 00.006 The verification of compliance with the limit value must be carried out with specific migration tests. A check of conformity with the screening procedure according to method L 00.00 6 in accordance with § 64 LFGB serves to estimate whether the sum of 0.01 mg/kg is not exceeded, but is not sufficient as proof of conformity. According to a statement of the German Working Group of Food Chemistry Experts and the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (ALS) No. 2022/06, the summation method according to § 64 L 00.00-6 for the determination of primary aromatic amines (paA) in aqueous test food is not sufficient for the proof of compliance of the mass transfer of these substances from e.g. plastics or paper and board. This is because the migration cannot be determined with sufficient sensitivity in relation to the limit values due to the response of many paA during derivatisation, which differs significantly from that of the comparative amine aniline.

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