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Residual solvents determination

DIN EN 13628-2 (industrial method), Headspace-Gaschromatografie FID, multimethod, listing of solvents: methanol, ethanol, isopropanol, n-propanol, cyclohexane, acetone, benzene, ethyl acetate, methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), 1-methoxy-2-propanol, toluene, n-propyl acetate, 1-ethoxy-2-propanol, 3-methoxy -1-butanol, isododecane, 1-methoxy-2-propyl acetate, 3-butoxy-2-propanol, diacetone alcohol, acetylacetone

test method:specific migration (SML)/ NIAS- Screening/ Single substance analyses
Norms: DIN EN 13628-2 (2003-01)
Hausverfahren (externer Anbieter)
Needed sample size:small reel (if not available: film stack or original sample in gastight packaging). The measurement of foil cuts or manually rolled samples can lead to reduced findings.

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