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haze/ transparency

Method for quantification of the optical properties of transparent or translucent materials (not coulored or metallized). The test method describes the scattering of light caused by deterioration of a film. A low haze value characterizes a low turbidity equivalent to a good visibility of details behind or under the film lying fillings or labels. With increasing haze value the "frosted - glass- effect" increases, ie, details, eg Labels are ultimately recognizable only by direct contact with the surface. ASTM D 1003 = calibration without compensation port vs. DIN ISO 13468 = calibration with compensation port. The measured values differ slightly, but the measurements are carried out in principle on the same principle.

test method:optical tests
Norms: ASTM D 1003 (2013-11)
Needed sample size:min 1 x DIN A 4, without folds, wrinkles, scratches, pollution



Trübung (haze) Transparenz und Klarheit nach ASTM 1003-A

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