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Gelboflextest/ Brugger KFT

Wrinkle test, wherein a sheet of film of approximately DIN A 4 by Brugger KFT tester is wrung together cylindrically over an angle of max. 440 °. Usually 100 cycles are performed, afterwards the sample ist tested e.g. on hole formation, delamination, oxygen- or water- vapour- transmission- rate, optical density, or the like. The base price includes the examination of max. 4 sheets over 100 cycles at an angle of max. 440 °. Other test conditions are available upon request, this will be billed at an hourly rate. Minimum sample size 280 mm x 200 mm

test method:Mechanical/ technological properties
Norms: ASTM F 392/ F 392M (2011 reapproved 2015)
Needed sample size:4 x DIN A 4


Condition A- full flex for 1 h
Full Flex= 440° for 1 h= 2700 cycles

Condition B- full flex for 20 min
Full Flex= 440° for 20 min that is 20 min =900 cycles

Condition C- full flex for 6 min
Full Flex= 440° for 6 min= 270 cycles

Condition D- full flex for 20 cycles
Full Flex= 440° for 20 cycles

Condition E- partial flex for 20 cycles
Partial Flex= 400° for 20 cycles

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