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Film construction/ material characterisation- Analysis package for a fixed price

Qualitative characterization of plastic films, laminates and plastic products concerning layer construction and basic materials, excepting adhesives, tie layers, inorganic coatings e.g. metallisations. Methods: DSC- Sreening (-20- 300°C/ 2 heating runs) of the material as recieved, microtome cut for analysis and documentation of number and thicknesses of visible layer, basic material of each layer by FT-IR spectroscopy, Beilstein test for presence of chlorine. Additional tests available by appointment.

test method:Material analysis
Norms: DIN 51451 (2020-02)
DIN 55543-6 (2019-04)
DIN EN 546-3 (2007-03)
DIN EN ISO 11357-3 (2018-07)
DIN EN ISO 11357-3 (2018-07)
DIN EN ISO 3146 (2002-06)
DIN EN ISO 536 (2020-05)
DIN ISO 4593 (2019-06)
Hausverfahren PV049 (2018-04)
Needed sample size:1 x DIN A 4

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